From the journal of Space Monkey Twins:

01_08_2014 19:54:55:01

Glow box seems to be each human’s computer chip. Both “Mom” and “Dad” carry at all times + must continuously stop to stare, tap, stroke. We believe this object downloads and uploads data to the human brain, conveying information to a central knowledge port. Faces go blank during the upload process. We will make every effort to gain access to glow boxes, as we believe these hold the secret of the human race.

*Note: We will also distract “Mom” and “Dad” from them as much as possible, as they become bleary faced with too much exposure. Belly zerberts seem to help.

As ever, your intrepid
Space Monkey Twins


Strange and Mysterious Object #6

2 thoughts on “Strange and Mysterious Object #6

    • Yeah, I got the iphone when I was on bed rest, but it’s disturbing to me how addicted I’ve become. And now I see myself through the babies’ eyes carrying around this black box all the time like it’s essential to me. Blah.

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