Something Like New Year’s Resolutions, But Better


One good thing about New Year’s is it forces you to stop and take stock. I kind of hate making New Year’s resolutions (I break them). But I like the idea of taking the opportunity to try to improve myself. Having kids is good for this, too. What type of example do I want to set?

This blog is inspired by this piece I just read. Those are worthy goals (I’m adopting 1, 3, and 4), and adding these five of my own for the new year (and beyond):

1. Be More Generous

Specifically with money, with information, with time. I want to live in the type of world where people do each other favors, pass things around, share wealth and knowledge. I want to always have a couple dollars handy in an outside pocket, ready to give to a homeless person (as opposed to not and feeling bad every time I pass someone by). I want to be useful.

2. Be Less Impatient

Let the babies grab the spoons and try to feed themselves, even if it takes a long time and more food gets on their bibs than in their mouths. If D is feeding the babies, there’s no rush. If a baby yawns, it doesn’t mean I have to run someone down to get her to a crib for a nap. I could stand to be less rigid.

3. Do More

Stop thinking about the things I want to do and do them.

4. Take Myself Seriously

This is in reference to art and writing. I remember a former coworker who had gone back to school to get an MFA. He said that part of his motivation was that he realized no one cared if he wrote a novel or not. I get that. No one is going to do it for you.

5. Work on My Memory

It disturbs me that not only can I not remember the authors of books I’ve read, I can’t remember the titles, either. And the names of places I’ve been to. And people’s names who I’ve met. I don’t want my life to be like One Art, with all the details slipping away and big things following. I should just keep a blog of everything. But seriously.

Now that I’ve started this list, I really could go on. Anyone feel like sharing their goals for the new year in the comments?

2 thoughts on “Something Like New Year’s Resolutions, But Better

  1. I love this post!. I can literally steal your list from you and sign it with my own name. It seems to me that we’ve got common struggles and ambitions. Memory and impatience are my weak points too… maybe they related? Thanks for sharing. Alicja x

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