Story Time is Awesome


As part of our going-to-bed routine, we read the babies a story each night. I don’t know what it is about books, but from the babies’ reaction you’d think we’d presented them with a big ice cream sundae with whip cream, or a trip to Disney Land. Books are as exciting as the family photos on our mantel, and even more exciting than Talking Cookie Monster, who has now taken up residence in our dining room.

When the book appears, M gets so excited she’s panting. Bean arches her back and squeals with delight. You can’t turn the pages because they are holding them shut, scratching their fingers on the paper, craning forward trying to get their mouths around the pages. I’m not sure if this is really a “relaxing” bed time routine. I’m also not sure if I’m egging them on, as I now expect this reaction every time a book appears. Anyway it’s pretty fun. They don’t seem to notice that we only have about ten books we rotate through. Here are our favorites so far:

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss

Mr. Brown makes amazing sounds. My personal favorite is the sound of the rain, “DIBBLE DIBBLE DOPP, DIBBLE DIBBLE DOP DOP DOP DOP.” Try saying that out loud without smiling.

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket, by Dr. Seuss

I like the slightly deranged look on the little boy’s face as he introduces, “That ZELF up on that SHELF! I have talked to her myself,” and all the other goofy rhyming creatures that populate his house.

Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

This was the first book we got. There’s a reason it’s a classic.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

I love the drawing of the sick little caterpillar after he eats through the two pages of  foods.

Hippos Go Berserk, by Sandra Boynton


The Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown

I had this one when I was little. I love the powerful mother. Also the illustration of the mother as a tree the baby bunny-bird comes home to.

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback

This one has a nice moral about not letting things go to waste. And a lot to look at in the illustrations.

I Am a Bunny, by Richard Scarry

Very zen. I like that the illustrations are of real plants and animals you can identify, too.

Jeremy Draws a Monster, by Peter McCarty

This one has beautiful illustrations, and a very funny, demanding monster. I think there’s a moral in there, too. The moral might be, don’t be a hermit, get out and be social. Or just, get some fresh air. Or maybe it’s about the monster that is work, or the power of art. Lots to think about here.

And finally My Peek A Book, from Jelly Kitten, which doesn’t seem to be in “print” anymore. I say “print” because it’s a cloth book, really more toy than book, with all sorts of interactive flaps and crunchy materials and dancing animals, and anyway that one really IS too exciting for bed time.

What are your favorite baby books? We could use some new ones in the rotation.

18 thoughts on “Story Time is Awesome

  1. Daredevil’s favorite book right now is “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” If we can’t find the book, he goes, “Mistuh Brown, where are you?” It’s so sweet.

  2. I loved reading my four year old granddaughter There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. And she and her dad in his time loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Sandra Boynton’s stories are great. One – I don’t remember the title (possibly it’s ‘But not the hippopotamus) – begins A hog and a frog do a dance in the bog, but not the hippopotamus, It’s absolutely delightful, When your darlings are old enough to understand you can ask them to turn the page – when mummy says. This will stop them from gambolling ahead before you’re ready. And do be prepared to answer lots and lots of questions at the beginning, middle and end of the stories. They really want to know and it doesn’t spoil the story for them (on the contrary it enhances it) if you explain straight away. Enjoy yourself, you lucky mum.

  3. My kids share some your kids’ favourites. (Mr Brown can moo and the hungry caterpillar)
    They never grow old…They love is The Cat in the hat and Green eggs and ham By Dr Seuss. They also love The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child and The Tiger who cam to Tea. Think they’re British. Have you heard of them?

    ..On the baby proofing, sorry I didn’t come back to you earlier. Husband has had a few days off work, and we’ve been making the most of time with the kids, despite this miserable Irish weather. It’s a piece of cake. all you need is: a stair gate, socket covers, curtain cords need to be tidied or put up high, kitchen cupboard latches, medicine box with a lock, fire guard (we have two guards, one small regular guard and then a large baby proof guard, latch for oven door. It sounds like a lot.. In reality, you can’t take your eyes off them no what how many measures you take. A big play pen is handy for twins, if you need to pop to the loo or answer the door!

    • Funny, the weather has been dreary here in Brooklyn, too–snow 🙂 That does sound like a lot with the baby-proofing. We are going to have our hands full I know when they start really moving… I don’t know those books, but they sound like fun (and look fun from what I can see on Amazon). I will check them out! Thanks!

      • Oh sorry, I know I went on a bit, but did not want to forget something you might need.. You’ll see yourself what measures need to be taken as they put things to the test. You are the best judge..
        The Gruffalo is brilliant. A firm fave with all my nieces too. They’ve been made into beautiful animations. I think Helena Bonham-Carter is the narrator and mummy squirrel. You’re very welcome!

  4. I’ll have to look into some of these books! I have a question, too. I see these link to amazon – do you have an associate account or did you just link them to the site?

    • No associate account, I just like to see books on Amazon because you get the picture of the cover and all the information, and sometimes you can look inside!

  5. We just got “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell and Bear LOVES it. It has some narrative issues (why is the zoo sending animals to babies? how are they getting sent back?) but I’m embracing willing suspension of disbelief. He also got “Little Blue Truck,” and now whenever he sees it he gets really excited and flaps his arms and starts yelling “tuck!”

  6. Hurray for books! Ours love to play and read and eat books too, it’s so wonderful to see. I second Sandra Boynton – my favorite of hers is Snugglepuppy. Freight Train is another nice one. I found one called That’s Not My Bunny (a touch and feel book) that mine really like lately.

  7. ok so charlotte’s favorite book of all time is Rainbabies….a little older audience though…my personal favorite was The Philharmonic gets Dressed…also gonna be awhile…of course Goodnight Moon…duh….wow…I am going down memory lane!!!! u

    • I forgot about The Philharmonic Gets Dressed! Fun times! I’ve heard of Rainbabies (probably from you) but don’t think I’ve ever actually read it! Have to find that one.

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