Yogurt Fail, and Some Wins


So I guess we’re committed to this solid food thing now; there’s no going back! Tonight the babies had six ounces each, splitting a jar of sweet potato, corn, and apple puree, one of spinach and potato, and half a mashed banana. We’ve been bringing the highchairs to the table while we eat breakfast. Yesterday we had oatmeal and they had oatmeal and some mashed banana. It’s pretty fun.

Today we discovered that Bean hates yogurt. She cried the moment it hit her lips and kept it up each time we tried to offer the spoon. Even the smell of it seemed offensive to her. Mattie liked it okay. We’ll try it again some other time. It is, after all, a completely new food group. Here are the foods they’ve tried so far:





sweet potatoes








butternut squash







Not a bad list. So far everything has been mashed, though they seem to be tolerating textures better. Also, they clearly want to feed themselves. They grab the spoons and practice putting them in their mouths, they grab at the bowls and jars; their little hands are itching for action. I think finger foods are in our near future.


4 thoughts on “Yogurt Fail, and Some Wins

  1. It’s funny how babies are so different. My son loved yoghurt, and yet only one of my twins likes it. So far the twins are fairly similar in likes and dislikes (which is a good thing) but I am sure that will change. I agree with you about trying it another time, because sometimes they do grow to like it if you give them a chance. Bon apetit!

    • That makes sense. When you think of trying a new food for the first time, there must be so many different things to pay attention to–the texture, color, feel, temperature, etc. Just getting used to all of that before you can really focus on the taste and whether you like it makes sense. We will try again anyway, because I bought a baby six pack of yogurt 🙂

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