This Post Is About Baby Poop


So they weren’t lying. There really is a lot of poop. I didn’t see the big deal before, when the babies were exclusively breastfed. But now that we’ve introduced solids. …we need a better diaper disposal system.

Two days ago we gave the babies each a little jar of prunes and oatmeal. It lives on.

The smell. The sicky, off-sweet prune stink clinging to those tiny wiped and re-wiped behinds, to fleece pajamas, to my offended nose hairs. The whole nursery is completely offensive. No diaper pail could contain this. The SMELL will not be kept down. I feel bad putting the babies to sleep in a room that smells like poop. (Apparently, disgust at rotten smells is learned…but still.)

Our landlady got rid of the garbage can for our building because, she said, everyone put trash in the pail, but no one wanted to put it out on the curb. So we have twice a week garbage collection and no outside bin. There will be no more prunes, I’ll tell you that.

And another thing, I don’t think I’ll be one of those parents who lets their kids go as long as they want in diapers, “until they’re ready.” As soon as they’re capable of moving themselves to the toilet it will be time.


7 thoughts on “This Post Is About Baby Poop

  1. I’m pretty sure SHE’S supposed to put it on the curb. You might want to call the public advocate’s office and see what your rights are. Maybe you could even get your own can, though you might want to lock it up to enforce that it’s just yours and not communal building property. So annoying, all of this, but no reason to live with poop.

    • You’re right, we should not put up with this smelly situation. I’m sure there is a solution. There is actually a can downstairs, which I think is our neighbors can. We could probably work out a deal with them. If only there were a baby diaper sewer 🙂

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