Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday not only did I manage to get myself and the babies out of the house on a frigid winter’s day, but I got us a Christmas tree. I bought it from the woman selling them in front of the KeyFood. She only had three of this smallest size tree left. One looked like a very sparse little Charlie Brown tree, one was crooked with a bald spot on the bottom, and the third looked like someone sat on it. I chose the crooked one. Then I carried it, and M in the ergo, and Bean in the stroller, back up the big hill and over four blocks and upstairs and home.

It fits next to the TV, sitting up on the cabinet. I didn’t have any ornaments, so I decorated it with ribbons from my wrapping paper supplies. I’m happy we have a little tree. It felt like we needed one. I wonder if we get the yule log channel on TV. I wonder if I can have any spiked eggnog while breastfeeding. ‘Tis the season.Image

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