Baby Bath Mystery Solved

Okay so maybe everyone else already knew this. I don’t know why I didn’t just do this before.

I couldn’t figure out why my babies hated the bath. At first, when they were teeny little things, we were giving sponge baths. We slowly started adding more water to the tub. Then we tried warmer water, washing their hair first, putting a towel under them. Nothing helped. They became breathless with frantic red screaming. We rushed to give faster and faster baths, resigning ourselves to this horrible ordeal twice a week. 

Well it looks like the problem was simple: I just needed to add more water to the tub. Instead of a small amount of water in the bottom of the baby tub, I just filled it up and dipped them right in. The tub is tilted up so that their heads remain above water.

You wouldn’t think it would take me five months to figure this out. My excuse is that they were preemies and I was extra worried about the water being too hot or too cold, etc. I think I was inspired by a fellow blogger, who blogged a picture of himself in the tub with his baby. I can’t find the picture now, but the baby was in the regular tub, happy as a clam, floating on her back from the looks of it.

Chubby, not grubby, that’s our new motto. What a joy, washing a happy baby in a little baby tub on the dining room table. Ellie actually laughed when we took her out of the water. Hallelujah. 



You can read my post about horrible bath time here:


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