Big Wheels

Yesterday I took the double stroller to KeyFood for the first time. The Double StrollerMobile, the Monkey Mobile. The Big Wheels. For the first few months, every time I’d get the stroller set up with the attachments and two car seats I’d want to start humming the Big Top circus theme.

The good news was I made it into the grocery store through the narrow entry doors without a problem. The bad news was there was no way for me to exit. All of the checkout aisles were too narrow. I bought my milk while the lady behind me in line entertained the twins, and then a guard had to escort me back out the front door.

This is a tandem stroller, not side by side. I wonder what people in wheelchairs do at KeyFood? So I guess that means I’m free of any shopping responsibility until the twins can walk. Or at least, only shopping at Duane Reade drug store, where there are nice wide aisles. So I guess that limits me to beer and candy corns. Could be worse.


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