First Food

Today the babies had their first bite of food. Actually “bite” isn’t exactly the right word, since it was baby rice cereal. A tablespoon of rice cereal powder mixed with three tablespoons breast milk, which is really just a slightly thickened liquid. Still, they ate it off of a spoon. Or rather slurped it and seemed confused, and a lot of it dribbled down their chin, and very soon they had had enough and wondered why we weren’t eating for real. Still, it was so fun to see the thoughtful expressions on their faces, and their sputtering mouths making little chewing motions. Almost an imitation of chewing.

We each held one baby and sat on opposite sides of our kitchen table. Sun was coming in behind D, though it is a very damp and fall-ish day. Outside, the ivy on our clothesline has turned red, and the edges of all the trees are  yellow.

It still feels special, having twins. Each of us holding a baby. Next we’re going to try prunes, which is apparently also a first food. I’m looking forward; and maybe the babies are, too. This week there has been a definite increase in drool.

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