Cuteness Break

Cuteness Break

Uploaded by Catherine M. Kunz "CK" on 10/9/06

Uploaded to Amazon by Catherine M. Kunz “CK” on 10/9/06

Need something distracting and happy? Customer images of baby items on Amazon are it. I’m telling you. The babies are cute. The parents are obviously proud. There are a lot of them and you can just click through. Here’s one of a baby and cat playing on the Gymini Activity Gym. Click the link for one of a baby with the goofy grin chewing on a giraffe. And another of a big brother playing with baby, and twins, and a baby sleeping on the gym, and…

5 thoughts on “Cuteness Break

  1. Love these photos, especially the one you posted of the baby and cat enjoying quality time together batting at the Gymini! I have a cute photo of Sam and our cat Puck sleeping spread eagle side by side on our bed in Chicago. Cats know a good thing when they see a baby–smells like milk and wears snuggly outfits that are warm and perfect for a snooze/cuddle.

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