Where Did My Brain Go? OR I Need Sleep!

I’ve become obsessed with getting a full night’s sleep. I’ve figured out that getting the babies to sleep through the night has something to do with their napping schedule, so I’m now keeping careful charts of when they eat and sleep. Gone are the days of me lulling them to sleep when and where ever, on the nursing pillow, rocking chair, moby wrap or swing. Now I’m watching them like a hawk for the first signs of drowsiness, then I wrap them in a blanket, kiss them and put them in the crib to fall asleep.

The hope is that they will learn to soothe themselves. This, I’ve read, is what determines sleeping through the night. That they can wake for a moment but remain calm and coax themselves back to sleep.

I’m proud to say that one twin slept through the night last night for the first time. She has also mastered thumb sucking, which I don’t think is unrelated. The other, unfortunately, was up crying from 3 am until morning, so it’s really double or nothing on the twins sleeping front.

We will get this, though. I think. I hope. And then maybe my brain will work again and I’ll be able to remember things for more than two seconds. And this headache will subside.


Charts of the babies’ sleeping and feeding for the last few days.

I’m trying to keep the guilt and stress from ballooning out of proportion in my brain. I want to pick them up, I want to rock them to sleep. But this is what’s best, I know, for all of us.


3 thoughts on “Where Did My Brain Go? OR I Need Sleep!

  1. I remember this period well, as it happened 3 times. I don’t remember when it was over, but it happened naturally. Suddenly I would wake up it would be morning and I was the first up! Same with toilet training; I spent many useless hours encouraging Heath but she had her own schedule and when she was ready it happened. If you can’t sleep with them crying, and who could, you might get more rest if you fed them. But you know your own babies best and I trust you will survive. Wish I could hug them.

  2. I am drowsy just reading your post Hilary! It may be possible to stand, walk and sleep at the same time?In the words of my former mother in law, “this too shall pass” …..teenagers sleep a lot!! Actually you are very close to a full night sleep. Just believe!!! That solid food should help too….love you…need to see those two monkeys before they are walking and talking…:) jen

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