One Good Way to Relax

Here’s one good way to relax I’m going to try to remember. This morning D watched the babies while I went to a yoga class in Sunset Park. At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked us to picture in our minds an image that was calming to us. At first my mind reeled through all sorts of places, The Anza Borrego Desert in southern California, where I spent quality time as a child, Limantour beach at Point Reyes National Seashore, California, my bed at home. But I couldn’t find calm or focus anywhere, no particular image.

Finally, at the very end of the yoga class, when we were just resting on our backs (I forget the name of that pose), I hit upon an image that really relaxed me. I imagined I was lying on a beach, at the place where the waves run up on the sand. It was warm, and each time a wave would flow up around me, I imagined the sand pulling up around my body, pulling me in, kind of like what happens to your feet when you stand in the waves, only my whole body. The yoga class was outside, so then I opened my eyes and I could see the high branches of the sycamores above, and the leaves, and I imagined the earth was hugging me.

One other pose I liked from the class. In tree pose, instead of just balancing on one leg with the other bent and our arms up stiffly, we waved our arms slowly, like there was wind in the branches. I think this was particularly nice being outside, with a real breeze, and real leaves floating down from the trees. What a relief this cool weather is! Image

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