What’s Happened to Me?

My babies are the cutest. I mean ever. In the world. All time. I know, you’re thinking this can’t possibly be the case, right? Maybe you’re right. I know this rationally. But look at them!  Those melting dark blue eyes. The little lips turning down into a whimper.  My heart is all wibbly wobbly.

I’ve never been that crazy about babies. I’m pretty sure I remember thinking puppies were cuter. When was that? I think they’ve corrupted my brain, somehow. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep.

Last night (4:30 am) my husband picked one up to burp. I smiled dumbly at her little face peeking over his shoulder. I’m a mess. I wonder if we will think they are this cute forever? They’ll be 50 years old and we’ll still be all smitten.

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